Transitioning To Google Educational Suite

Dear Parents,

Greetings from The Assembly of God Church School.

    I take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your cooperation during this lockdown period ,especially with regard to the online classes for your wards.

  You will be happy to know , as informed earlier ,we are moving to the new online platform  Google Educational suite  from 6th July, 2020. We understand  your concern towards the transition. Let me assure you of our constant support and guidance to you in this venture.

Please make note of the following:

  1. 6thJuly to 10thJuly 2020 is a trial period to get accustomed to  Gsuite. Your child  will be  assisted by teachers regarding the login, entering class rooms and usage of  Google meet  during a class.
  2. Kindly feel free to contact the teacher concerned for login issues through CampusCare .

3.Every  teaching session is  recorded and you can view the same later in case you had missed a class due to some reason.

4.Refer to  the user guide sent by school(see the attachment below) for step-wise instructions.

5.If your child is below 13 years of age you may use the parent’s date of birth in case you face any login issues. To edit the date of birth, Please open your gmail, go to settings -> manage your Google account -> Personal info -> BIRTHDAY -> edit -> UPDATE.

6.Once the teacher creates a class and adds your child’s email id, the invite to join the class will go through gmail which needs to be accepted to be part of that class.

Wishing you all success   as we  work  together  in this new platform .

Seeking  your  cooperation  as  always.

Yours Sincerely,

Lionel M Chellappa
Principal and Asst. Administrator

3rd July 2020


How to Use Google Classroom Guide

Monthly Fee Waiver

Dear Parent,

Please click on the following button to view the notification regarding the fees.

Kindly note that the implementation of the revised fee and adjustments  will require time as the online portal needs to be updated.   Once the changes have been incorporated we will inform you of the same.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

Lionel M Chellappa
Principal & Asst. Administrator


Dear Parents & Guardians,

In order to make the online classes more effective for students, the school has registered for a safe and secure package with Google Education Suite, an effective tool for virtual classroom learning with evaluation tools and other features.

We will be shifting to Google Education Suite soon.

In order for the student to have access to online learning through this mode you are requested to kindly create a new gmail ID in the following format:

Full name of

In case you are unable to register with your name, then you may use a 2 digit numerical after your name – example :

The E-mail ID must be created latest by Wednesday 17th June 2020 by which time we will send you a Google form where you will have to enter this e-mail ID.

In case you face issues related to this, kindly write to

Other relevant details will be provided to you later.

We look forward to receiving your compliance and support in the matter.
God bless & stay safe.

Lionel M Chellappa
Principal & Asst. Administrator
Date : 15th June 2020

Schools Fees

Dear Parent,
Due to COVID – 19 pandemic and in keeping with the safety of our parents, off-line payment of fees in the bank is deferred until further notice. Kindly use the online facility using Campus care. Read more