Classes 6 -12, Revised Half-Yearly Timetable – 2023



Monday, 21.08.2023 Geography English II Maths Physics / Comm Std Maths English II Maths Th  / B.St Th  /  H. Sc  Th
Tuesday, 22.8.2023 Comp Sc Physics Biology English II 2nd Lang Chem Th. / Acc  Th / Socio  Th /  Elec. Eng Th Chem Prac / Acc Viva /    H. Sc Planning / Socio Viva
Wednesday, 23.08.2023 Chemistry Comp Sc 2nd Lang Geography History 2nd Lang English I
Thursday, 24.08.2023 2nd Lang 3rd Lang History 2nd Lang Chemistry Bio Th. / Comp Sc  Th / Eco Th  /  Psycho  Th Bio Prac / Comp Sc Prac / Eco Viva / Psycho Viva
Friday, 25.08.2023 History Biology English II Biology Application Phy. Prac / Comm Viva /  Socio Viva Bio Th. / Comp Sc  Th  / Eco  Th  /  Psycho  Th
Art Art Art
Monday, 28.08.2023 Maths Geography Physics Maths Physics / Comm Std Maths  Th / B. St Th  H. Sc  Th Phy Th / Comm Th. /  Pol Sc Th. / Geog Th
Tuesday, 29.08.2023 English I Chemistry English I Application Biology Chem Prac / Acc Viva /   H. Sc. Prac English II
Thursday, 31.08.2023 English II Maths Comp Sc Chemistry Geography Bio Prac /Comp Sc Prac / Eco Viva /Psycho Viva Chem Th. / Acc Th /       Socio Th / Elec. Eng
Friday, 01.09.2023 Biology 2nd Lang 3rd Lang History English II Phy Th / Comm  Th /              Pol Sc  Th  / Geog  Th Phy Prac / Comm Viva /  H. Sc Prac
Saturday, 02.09.2023 3rd Lang History Chemistry History Project Geography  Project Geog Viva / Pol. Sc. Viva /Maths Viva / B. St Viva 2nd Lang
Monday, 04.09.2023 Physics English I Geography English I English I English I Maths Viva / B. St Viva /Geog Viva /  Pol Sc Viva


Students need not come to school on days when they do not have an exam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Kindly ignore the previous notice and take note of the following dates: –


Wed, 16th Aug 2023: Normal school.  English Aurals for Classes 6 to 12 and Hindi Aurals for Classes 11 & 12. Attendance is compulsory.

Fri, 18th Aug 2023: No classes will be held for students.

Wed,  30th Aug 2023: No Exams will be conducted.  The scheduled Exams are shifted to Mon, 4th Sept 2023

Fri, 8th Sept 2023: Teachers’ Day Celebrations. School will give over by 11:45 a.m.(approx). Lunch will not be served but buses will ply.

Thu, 5th to Sat, 7th Oct 2023: Musical Concert in Science City

Fri, 13th Oct 2023: Normal school for all Classes.   ICSE History Project for Class 10.

Thu, 19th to Sun, 29th Oct 2023: Puja Vacation

Mon, 30th Oct 2023: School re-opens after the Puja Vacation.

Sat, 4th Nov 2023: Open House from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Report Cards will be given to Parents or Guardians only.Fee to be cleared upto October 2023.

Thanking you for your co-operation always.



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