Celebrating the legacy of Aunty Buntain

Sixty-seven years as a missionary, her legacy continues to inspire us

They say-

Aunty Buntain obeyed the call of God,

and travelled to Calcutta from Canada on a 50’s day.

There began her acts of compassion,

Those she undertook with absolute passion.

Moved by the extreme agony of underprivileged children,

She set up her educational academy,

where with the first flag she hoisted.

The motto of the school ‘ My utmost for His Highest’ was her point.

God gave her the gift to win the hearts of many souls,

And helped her take up newer roles.

Thus she established more schools,

And chose mercy as her golden rule.

Infected men laid helpless on concrete,

But madam could not leave them diseased,

Thus, along with Dr. Buntain she instituted the Mercy Hospital,

she aided the treatment of the uncountable patients.

Witnessing the terrible situation of the famished masses,

Aunty was still dedicated to nourish the needy.

She started a feeding program,

Which continues to provide food for them daily.

Mourning her loss still today;

This blessed soul discovered the heavenly way-

She made sorrowful faces look bright,

She turned out to be the city’s light,

Aunty Buntain did in God abide.

Aditi Gupta