Junior Coordinator

I joined The Assembly of God Church School, Haldia in 2010 as Assistant Teacher, having spent the previous 3 years as Faculty at The Youth Computer Training Centre, Manjushree, Durgachak. Prior to that, I spent 6 months at Vivekananda Mission School, Haldia.

After completing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Botany at the University of Kolkata, I undertook an Advanced Diploma Course in Information Technology. While teaching in this school, I completed my Bachelor of Education. I find this extremely stimulating and have developed a deep understanding of this multi-faceted, critical area of education management.

I have now been teaching for 15 years and my extensive teaching experience encompasses Grade 1 to Grade 8.

I have an unbridled passion for teaching and education. My student’s education and well-being are of upmost importance to me. I strongly believe in an educational experience which ensures that the student thrives in this stimulating, diverse learning environment and helps them to grow and develop into the leaders of our future. I firmly believe that High Performance Learning is an attainable target for everyone and that by systematically building a student’s cognitive competencies and values, we can significantly enhance student outcomes, post-school destinations and their life-long love of learning. We, as a school have moved to the process, which will accelerate each child to achieve the attainable targets their teacher have set for them.

May each child from The Assembly of God Church School, Haldia, reach for the stars and achieve their goals and may we be the Endeavour of Learning and Teaching for years to come.

Mrs. Mausumi Mitra
Junior Co-ordinator 

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