Huldah Buntain

The news came from far, far away
She went back at the call of the Almighty, far, far away.
The AG Missionaries, the hapless ones, the destitute left forlorn
May we pray before Jesus, let her people feel they are not alone.
She was the pillar of strength for the needy ones
Serving, caring, succouring, sheltering like a philanthropist.

She was a foreigner by birth,
Whose heart was full of selfless mirth
From a distant country, a clarion call
She responded, heading for a journey, long.
To the orphans she was a saviour;

To the others she was a teacher, a mother, and a grandmother.
But, for children like us, she will always remain –

‘Aunty Buntain’.

Saptak Dey
Class VII – A